Q. What is Fakereferer and how does it work ?

A. Basically we are a very clever URL Redirection serivce, who offer many ways to hide or change the real source of your traffic before it is delivered to your site or landing page. Send your traffic into our system with a unique shortcode URL and it will be delivered to your landing pages with the traffic made to come from google, twitter, Blogger and other high authority sites which are deemed as "good traffic sources". You can also Blank the source of your traffic or use another domain you own to show as the referrer. (note your webpage or URL must be indexed by google for google redirects to work, if not we can help you get them indexed within 24 hours)


Q. What can your fake referer service be used for ?

A. Faking stats, CPA, Selling traffic, Watering down CTR, basically any method that requires you to hide your of fake your traffic before hitting your websites or affiliate landing pages.


Q. Can we fake traffic from domains we own?

A. We are working on this feature now, so that you can fake the referer from your own domains or friends domains you have access to.


Q. What methods do you use for blanking referer's ?

A. We use HTTPS/SSL and a few other methods to completely remove the referer.


Q. Can you supply the traffic?

A. We do not supply traffic directly, but we have 2 traffic providers working alongside our system. Which you can access via the control panel. Or You send your own traffic to fakereferer and we change the referer for you.


Q. How much traffic can i send through your service ?

A. Each customer is allowed to send between 25,000 to 250,000 uniques per day, depending on the type of account your register.


Q. I need more redirects/traffic allowance, can you help me out?

A. Yes we can do custom packages. Please contact us with the amount you need and we will quote you.


Q. Do stats and google analytics show the traffic as real?

A. Yes, 100% like natural traffic, because it actually comes from the real domains you are asking it to be faked/spoofed from.


Q. Do you use some windows software to fake these referers ?

A. No, we use the real websites like google.com


Q. Can you tell me how you make traffic change to google search?

A. No.. Its a secret method! ;)


Q. Can i get a test account to make sure it works ?

A. If you are requiring a VPS or Dedi, we can give you 24 hours to test.


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