New Features *V3.0 Dedi / VPS

Facebook and all other referers now available on vps/dedi (access to landing page is required)

Accept or Reject traffic by the following variables with the new advanced rules system.

  • Useragent - Browser Types
  • Useragent - Browser Family
  • Useragent - Operation System
  • GeoIP Location
  • Unique/Non Unique Hits
  • Referers
  • IP Ranges
  • Max Hits Per Day/Hour
  • Activate from / Activate to
  • Out URL for Rejected Traffic


Referer Faking/Spoofing from High Authority sites

Using our custom and unique methods we have access to many high ranking and high authority sites, which we can manipulate into giving our users the referers they really want for their traffic! No one else on the internet is able to provide this service today.

Current working Spoofed URLs are… Google search (keywords & secure search function) , Twitter, DuckDuckGo SE, Blogger, URL.com & viola.

(*Please note your webpage or URL must be indexed by google for google redirects to work, if not we can help you get them indexed within 24 hours)


Referer Faking from your Own Sites/URLs

Do you want to bounce traffic off your own sites & URLs… well we give you the ability to use another site you own as the referer of your traffic. Using this method enables you to mask your traffic from your account managers or fake stats of a site you are going to sell. Making the traffic come from a trusted site or URL that you have control over.


Referer Blanking

We use a SSL Certificate which means we can give you 100% blanked referers using our system. No more double meta refreshes or redirects. HTTPS forwarding completely removes any referers, making this far the safest way to blank. Fakereferer is Safe blanking across all browsers including mobiles.


URL Shortener

Built in URL shortener to make all your redirects simple to use and maintain.


URL Grouping/Split Testing

Random landing pages (enter a set of URLs and it will randomly pick one when a user visits shortened URL ( good for split-testing or diversifying landing pages)

Grouping shortened URLs to one URL for split testing your traffic sources with more than one affiliate link.


Stats Counter

We keep a count of each successful visitor to click through your URLs and redirection


Referer Testing

We will give you access to your own referer testing page, so you can test all your links before you start using them in a live environment.


Features in Development For 2016

  • Geo/country code redirection
  • User agent detection and redirection – Device (mobile OS, PC, etc.)
  • Mass URL importing (several variations of the same link that all have the same settings,  good for link diversification and staying under any the radar)
  • Advanced Stats System
  • Link expiry ( link expires in hours/days/etc. Visitor can only visit once every  hours/days/etc.)


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