Keep your traffic sources under wraps by blanking or faking the referer.

What is FakeReferer.com?


FakeReferer.com is a URL redirection service, to change the Referer of your traffic before it's delivered to your website, affilate offers, CPA offers & Analytics etc.

FakeReferer.com can change your traffic referer to make it come from Google Search , Twitter, Blogger, Stumbleupon, URL.com, Tumblr, Yelp and Voila, before being delivered to its destination.

Referer changing with google also allows you to choose the TLD ( .com, .co.uk .ca etc ) Keywords & Ranking position in SERPs for the keyword.



Why use FakeReferer.com?


Hiding your real traffic source plays number one in internet marketing, blanking the referer is usually frowned upon by affilates & alike these days. Here at fakereferer we can take your traffic, where ever its comes from and change its source to make it look legitimate to your affiliate account managers etc.

For an example all traffic coming to your site from adenage.com, we can spoof the referer to make it come from Google search with keywords, even if you don't rank for them.